3D Rendering is a great tool in the Interior Design Business. It provides us with an opportunity to see into the future before it is actually created. It provides us with an opportunity to show the client our interpretation of what they want. We can tweak designs and make adjustments before products are purchased and construction takes place.


A Design is developed in a CAD program e.g. GOOGLE SKETCHUP


Solids are created from the CAD files to facilitate the addition of materials. Materials are applied and a rendering program e.g. VRay, ENSCAPE appled.


Another major benefit of 3D rendering is that the design can be placed into any environment. Allowing us to understand to lighting our external elements interact with the design. In this example we have the ability to determine what is a good height for the lighting fixture, how it looks in the space etc.

RPInsideB Final.jpg

In this example we can see how sunset influences the choice of flooring finish, the reflection off of metals and woods. This impacts  the colors the materials appear in a space.

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